How the Phrendly App Fosters Relationships 2.0

For many, sending flirty messages back and forth is what excites them most about using dating apps. But since the majority of apps aren’t set up for this, there’s a lot of disappointment including mismatched intentions, missed dates, wasted time, and hurt feelings. Phrendly paves the way for “Relationships 2.0” that makes flirting online easy, painless and rewarding.

Phrendly is NOT a dating site. The app is designed for building exclusively-online relationships with no strings attached. Phrendly’s users –”phrends”– enjoy the fun of chatting with real people from all over US and Canada via text, phone and video calls without the expectation of an eventual awkward in-person meet-up.


Why would someone be interested in online-only relationships?

  • Flirt online for an instant “ego boost” of feeling desirable. According to a recent LendEdu study, 44 percent of people surveyed said they used Tinder not to find sex or love but for “confidence-boosting procrastination”. Why swipe left on hundreds of scammers when you can have a meaningful chat with a real phrend?
  • For shy people, Phrendly is a safe space to practice their game and overcome the fear of rejection. Josh M. tells us that his favorite online phrends serve as a sounding board for his real-world dating life. “I appreciate hearing the female perspective and getting advice when I’m unsure of how to ask a woman I really like out on a date,” he shared.
  • Beyond all the intangible benefits, the rewards on Phrendly have real monetary value. After a healthy exchange (ten back-and-forths), those who initiate conversations are asked to reward their phrend for their time by sharing virtual “drinks” — just like you would ask a person out for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine in real life. A little motivation helps keep phrends interested and engaged.


The Phrendly community has been growing rapidly with thousands of new members joining weekly. You can find phrends that perfectly match your preferences and personality thanks to our robust browsing and sorting options. By rewarding users for engaging, we keep fun people on the site and offer a 90% average response rate — much higher than other chat sites.


Ready to get the attention you deserve? Phrendly is free to try — find matches and start chatting today!

Phrendly is now available for download on the Google Play Store for Android.

friendly girl on Phrendly
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