Phrendly Advice: How to Take the Perfect Profile GIF

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words…so an animated profile GIF must be worth a million! Stand out from the crowd and give your Profile a makeover with these simple techniques.

Get prettied up.

Spend a few extra minutes on your makeup and hairstyle for a polished look in your profile GIF. Natural or playful – it’s up to you, try playing different roles!

Less isn’t always more.

Subtle sexy is the name of the game on Phrendly. By all means, show off your best assets, but keep it classy so guys are intrigued.

Find your perfect setting.

Simplify the background. Solid or lightly textured walls are great! If you can’t find the right wall, make sure your background is clutter-free.

Present yourself in the best light.

Lighting is everything. Natural daylight tends to work best. If that’s not an option – then try for even, warm-colored light if you have to take your GIF indoors.

Check your camera orientation.

Take your GIF in landscape (horizontal) mode when using the camera on your smartphone or tablet to avoid having black “bars” on the sides.*

Focus on yourself.

It’s all about you! Phrends want to see YOU, not your pets or apartment. Make sure you’re centered within the frame of your GIF and take a close-up shot that includes your lovely face and shoulders.

Make the first frame count.

First impressions are key. Bring out your best smile or cutest look to get his attention. Then express your unique personality in the following images. Have fun with it!

The good, the bad and the ugly.

Here are examples of profile GIF Do’s and Dont’s. Same girl, oh-so-different GIFs!

Do-Over! 🙁

Ready for Prime-Time! 🙂

*This function is not supported within iOS mobile web. To take a profile GIF on your iOS device, please download the Phrendly App on iTunes.

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  • It is a really
    • Yes the app is amazing! I love that you can do anything on it! Text, phone and even video chat. And that if you are out and go home it is exactly the same thing waiting on your computer and you can continue easily from there. The one feature I would love though is the ability to send videos to someone EASILY. That would make it perfect!!

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