Why "Online Only" Relationships Can Work

Is online flirting that much different than flirting in person? Fundamentally, a lot of the same themes and emotions carry through flirting no matter where you are or how you approach it.

It’s relatively easy to find interesting people online. The trick is knowing how to talk to them in order to make a connection that sticks. So how do you get started with online flirting, especially when online dating itself may be a new activity for you?

Fun Ways to Flirt Online

Flirting may or may not come naturally for you, depending on your personality. If you are reading this article, more than likely you are looking for a few helpful tips on how to successfully flirt with a new love interest online. Consider these online flirting tips for beginners:

  1. Be yourself! Don’t try to take on a persona that’s just not you. Avoid putting yourself down or getting into a negative vein. Smile and have fun!
  2. Consider using helpful features like “winks,” “pokes,” and sparingly, emoticons, to add a little lightness to your conversation and interactions.
  3. Offer compliments to make the other person smile.
  4. Or, when appropriate, offer compliments that make the other person blush. Keep your comments smooth, hinting at what you mean without coming right out and saying it. You don’t want to come on too strong or appear like you are only after one thing.
  5. Spark up a little challenge. Dare your love interest to a battle of the brains or the wits.
  6. Talk about yourself, your likes and interests, and especially your passions. Don’t talk nonstop, but be open about your favorite things and what makes you happy.
  7. But don’t just talk about yourself – ask questions about the other person, too. If you feel it’s warranted, be a little playful or dig into their soul (hopes and dreams) a little bit.
  8. Really, truly pay attention to what your partner says and make comments that show you’ve really listened.
  9. Be confident and bold at times.
  10. Embrace your sense of humor. Crack a joke here and there or throw out a little sarcasm if the timing seems right. Know the difference between jokes you can make and ones you should keep to yourself.
  11. Be open to dishing out and receiving a little playful teasing. This usually works best once you’ve already established a bit of a relationship or rapport with the person. Just be sure you know the boundaries so you don’t offend the other person or take offense yourself to an unintentional dis.
  12. Open your conversation with something unique or interesting rather than standard, cookie cutter greetings or comments.
  13. Send a cute, modest picture with a caption like “thinking of you” or “you make me happy.”
  14. Tell him what he says or does that makes you smile. That in turn should make him smile, and may even inspire him to tell you some of the same.
  15. Smile while you’re talking – many times others can actually hear the smile in your voice.

Keep Them Wanting More

As you practice your flirting methods, be sure to gauge the other person’s reactions. You don’t want to virtually throw yourself at them if they clearly are not playing along and are not interested. If you begin to get the feeling that your efforts are anything buy fruitful, take a break and back off for a bit. If you misinterpreted, the other person will very likely strike things up again soon.

Even when things are going great, it can be a good idea to end things on a high note. Recognize that the conversation happened to be extremely successful and leave the other person wanting more. Be a little mysterious or a bit flirty as you sign off for the evening, but avoid going over the top with goodbyes.

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