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How the Phrendly App Fosters Relationships 2.0

For many, sending flirty messages back and forth is what excites them most about using dating apps. But since the majority of apps aren’t set up for this, there’s a lot of disappointment including mismatched intentions, missed dates, wasted time, and hurt feelings. Phrendly paves the way for “Relationships 2.0” that makes flirting online easy, […]
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Is an Online Relationship Really Cheating – Important Points to Consider

There has been a lot of ink spilled and a lot of research done into how an online relationship can affect a real world relationship. As with so many things in the world of social science and psychology, opinions on the subject are all over the place. Some people steadfastly believe that any online relationship, no […]
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Why Online-Only Relationships Can Work

Modern digital technologies have wrought many changes in the world. Innovations like the internet have even shaped the ways people interact with each other. By now, online dating has become a commonly accepted norm. More recently, a new phenomenon in internet dating has arisen: online-only relationships. These arrangements involve people who share a romantic relationship, despite having […]
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15 Effective Examples of Online Flirting

Is online flirting that much different than flirting in person? Fundamentally, a lot of the same themes and emotions carry through flirting no matter where you are or how you approach it. It’s relatively easy to find interesting people online. The trick is knowing how to talk to them in order to make a connection […]
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The Joy of Unchained Online Flirting

There is nothing wrong with a little harmless flirting, especially if the people involved do not plan to take things any further. Unfortunately, flirting in the real world comes with all kinds of emotional baggage and negative stereotypes. Online flirting is totally different, since it takes place without the expectation – or even the possibility […]
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How to Flirt with the Best of Them and Still Stay Single

Do you miss the early days of your courtship when everything you said to your date had a sexual twist to it? Do you love the game of flirting with someone just to get a reaction? Maybe, you just like how good it makes you feel when someone responds to your coquettish comments. There’s absolutely […]
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The Benefits of Online Flirting Over IRL (in Real Life) Flirting

In real life, flirting with someone you barely know isn’t all that easy. Of course, if alcohol is involved, it might make it a little easier for you to flirt with someone you’ve only just met. Nonetheless, flirting with someone who is standing right in front of you can be a difficult experience, more so […]